We can carry out BMA Finishing on site for new projects – frames, doors and handles can all be treated in situ.

We can also maintain an existing BMA Finish. Regular bronze facade cleaning and re-waxing bronze facades, shop fronts and architectural features can prevent them from becoming dirty and disfigured. Damage can be caused by corrosion through contact with the harsh urban environment, excessive handling by the public, acts such as urination, graffiti and vandalism and window cleaning products which can leave runs marks etched upon the surface.

Commercial cleaning products should be avoided at all cost as they can strip the the bronze finish as can overzealos cleaning companies.

Our maintenance teams can visit sites and keep all your bronze in optimum condition. We can clean and repatinate on a regular basis enabling the building to look pristine throughout the year.

Even better, when bronze cleaning is performed regularly, the cost drops dramatically.

Bronze doors with traditional BMA finish, maintained regulary